Once Trashed Dog is Treasured

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3 weeks ago I adopted an old abandoned soul that someone discarded at a landfill in Tennessee.

Many good people came together and made it possible for George to find a permanent, loving home with me many miles away in Illinois. The paragraph below is what I first read on FaceBook about him, and my heart just twisted in pain when I saw his picture (the one on top of included image).


“I know this is a shot in the dark, but I work at the landfill in Murfreesboro & we have an older male (in tact) Hound dog roaming the property (pictures included). He is beginning to show signs of malnutrition, but is still the most kind & gentle soul…”

The picture at bottom shows George at his new home 🙂


60 thoughts on “Once Trashed Dog is Treasured”

  1. Ohmy, he is gorgeous and such soulful eyes. Neither of you will ever regret the decision to become best friends – thank you so much for bringing him home.

  2. Great story. When he stopped being a good hunter (or breeder, since he was intact) someone dumped him, literally. Grrrrr…..


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