One-Eyed Homeless Mama and Her Puppies Rescued

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When Hope for Paws gets a call, they answer!  This time they saved an injured homeless dog named Iris and her three little puppies from a den she had made in some bushes in a dangerous LA neighborhood.

The pregnant dog only came out at night in search of food, so Eldad Hagar and Lisa Chiarelli set out at dark to look for her.  They spent 10 minutes scouring the bushes they were told she lived in, and finally found her.  Only the most dedicated rescuer would have spotted this well-hidden lady.


10.1.14 - Homeless Mama Dog and Puppies Rescued by HFP1


She was terrified, but obviously hungry, and eagerly took the food she was offered.  Getting her out of the brush would be tricky, and Eldad’s lucky leash would have to be abandoned in placed of a catch pole.  Hedge clippers were used to make a small clearing, and the runty dog was pulled out.

Iris was scared and attempted to get back to her puppies, but no need to fear – they were going to be rescued, too!  Her angst was apparent, but she still let her saviors pet her, and she even let Eldad check her teeth.


10.1.14 - Homeless Mama Dog and Puppies Rescued by HFP3


The one-eyed mama stood by with Lisa as Eldad pulled the puppies out.  She could see they were not threatened by these people, and she slowly relaxed a bit.  They were all loaded in the car and taken to be checked out and given a better shelter.

Now they are happy, healthy, and ready for homes.  If you would like to adopt any of these dogs (or to see more cute photos of them), please click here.  The puppies will be spoken for soon, but moms tend to be left behind.  Can you give her a good home?

If you would like to help more dogs like Iris get rescued, please click here to donate.


10.1.14 - Homeless Mama Dog and Puppies Rescued by HFP5