One Year later, Owner Continues Search For Lost Dog

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Pam Ward’s Rhodesian Ridgeback/Boxer mix Cocoa has been missing for a year, and to this day the Olympia, WA dog owner remains vigilant in the search for her lost friend.

“I miss her today as much as the day she left,” says Ward. She fights back tears as she explains the lengths she’s gone to in order to save him. Animal search and rescue teams work with her as they patrol an 18 mile section of power lines between Rochester and Tumwater. A ground team carries hand held radios while a plane conducts an aerial search of the surrounding forests.

“When you take in a family member, regardless if it’s two legged, four legged, winged, you’ve made that commitment to love them and take care of them,” she says of her exhaustive search.

While some may question her decision to continue a large scale effort to find her lost friend, Ward is encouraged by recent sightings of Cocoa. “The close calls are agonizing but it also keeps me going,” she said. She asks anyone with information regarding the dog’s whereabouts to call her at 360-264-2194 or 360-790-2272.

31 thoughts on “One Year later, Owner Continues Search For Lost Dog”

  1. I completely understand her enduring love for her canine companion. Like a mother with a child, she is probably constantly thinking about where Cocoa must be, is he cold, is he hungry, is he desperately searching for a way home….

    My heart is with you Pam. I hope you get a positive ending soon.

    Don’t give up!

  2. We were dog sitting a friend’s dogs when the electric meter reader left the gate open and one of them ran away; several months later, I am still looking for her. I know somebody has her, but I still want her back.

  3. wow. I hope & prey those “recent sightings” are real and not a cruel joke or someone just after the reward $$$

  4. I totally understand… I wouldn’t give up either… I did have a cat get lost… I had just moved into a house and it got lost…I searched forever for her… it’s very sad when you loose a pet 🙁


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