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Organizers Hold Rally in Support of Pit Bulls


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A pit bull ban proposed by Vancouver City Council members has supporters of the breed taking to the streets in an attempt to block it.

More than 200 people and 75 dogs protested the ban Wednesday evening. The ban was proposed in response to an attack on a 9-year-old Vancouver boy two weeks ago after three pit bulls mauled the fourth grader. The boy is expected to recover fully, but the attack prompted two Vancouver City Council members to propose new breed specific legislation.

Rally organizer Cash Frackiewicz says a ban is not the answer, and that the safety of the community lies in the hands of dog owners, not lawmakers.

“It’s the irresponsibility of owners that don’t know how to properly train a breed or any type of breed,” said Frackiewicz. “You got to treat it more than just an animal. You got to treat it like a human being. It’s like raising a kid. You set your kid in a straight line and a dog will do the same. It will follow.”

The Vancouver City Council will hear arguments regarding the ban in a workshop Aug. 8.