Orphaned Wolf Pup Rescued by Hikers

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Vacationing hikers in Ketchum, Idaho saved what they thought was a lost house pet – only to learn that the pup in their possession was an orphaned wolf.

After returning to camp, the hikers brought the young wolf to a nearby vet who immediately suspected that this was  no ordinary house pet. A Defenders of Wildlife representative concurred, and a DNA test was ordered to verify if the pup is pure wolf, or a hybrid.

Idaho Fish and Game spent the weekend searching for a wolf pack near where the pup was found, hoping to reunite it with its family, but they did not find any sings of a pack in the area.

Zoo Boise has agreed to provide temporary housing until Fish and Game can find it a permanent home.

Officials said the pup likely became separated from a roving pack. Idaho Fish and Game reminds campers and hikers to be careful when approaching young animals in the wild.

9 thoughts on “Orphaned Wolf Pup Rescued by Hikers”

  1. Idaho – isn’t that one of the states that has been slaughtering wolves by the thousands? I don’t hold much hope for this little guy.

  2. Maybe the thrill killers shot the pack and left the pup. If fish and game are so concerned about the wolf pup the shouold stop the slaughter of wolves. A two faced bunch indeed.

  3. Try again, it was a figure of speech, wolf hunting is a norm in Idaho……AND no it is not acceptable because it is not about management anymore, they ARE slaughtering them for NO reason at all!!!!!


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