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Oscar the Golden Retriever LOVES to Sing Opera Tunes!

by Fred

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Oscar the golden retriever is one talented dog, with very fine taste.  He enjoys music that his human plays on the piano, but whenever he hears Andrea Bocelli’s The Prayer, he just can’t help himself, and just has to sing along.



Here’s the solo version from YouTube.


Truth be told, Oscar really isn’t that bad either.  He seems to be able to stay on key and keeps up the pace of the song with very little problem.  It isn’t exactly perfect, but Oscar is definitely about the best we’ve ever heard.  And who knows?  Maybe with a bit of training, he could be a real star!






We couldn’t find any information that would lead us to believe that the famous opera singer knows about his biggest canine fan.  We were able to find out that his family does have a dog that he and his family loves very much.  So not only is he an amazing opera singer with a golden voice, but also a dog lover, which means he is OK in our book!






Oscar’s human isn’t sure just how The Prayer became his favorite song, but they love it when he sings for them.  Regardless, we think he’s adorable, and has a unique golden voice all his own!