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Otto update: Homeless dog missing eye, gets adopted and receives medical attention

by Katherine

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130513 Otto Part2
Photo Credit: FRAD

Remember Otto, the homeless dog from Cartagena, Colombia? The one who lost his left eye when a local recycling man stoned him (read his story here)? Well, the local woman who had been helping him has adopted him!

130513 Otto rescued
Photo Credit: FRAD

Tarcila Marmolejo, the street vendor who fed and looked after Otto, fell in love with him and decided to officially take him off the streets of Cartagena, making him her pet. With the help of her neighbors, Marmolejo collected enough money to cover Otto’s medical costs.

FRAD’s was there to help Marmolejo and her new family member.

Ingrid Hernandez Soto, FRAD’s head veterinarian, examined Otto once he arrived at the clinic.

“Otto presented an injury on the lateral part of his eye,” said Hernandez Soto. “This injury was inflamed and infected, and it caused the eye to reduce in size. The woman that was taking care of Otto, administered antibiotics for about a week, and Otto’s eye improved. Otto showed little signs of pain. He produces a lot of eye mucus but this is not bothering him at all. I gave the woman medication for Otto. This will control the eye infection and aid the healing of the eye. There will be scar tissue on the eye and I doubt Otto will be able see much with this eye. He will at least distinguish shadows.”

130513 Otto rescued2
Please note that Otto and his new family lack many resources available to U.S. residents. In Colombia it is not customary to keep dogs on leashes or with collars on. Otto is only wearing this belt as leash for the purpose of keeping him in place for the pictures. Photo Credit: FRAD

Andrea Morante Alvares, volunteer and FRAD’s webmaster, contacted us to tell us more about Otto’s new life.

“FRAD went out to look for Otto and bring to our shelter, but when we met Tarcila Marmolejo she told us that she had decided to adopt Otto,” Alvarez said. “After our vet examined Otto, and after medications were administered, we took Otto back to Tarcila’s home. The love that Otto has for Tarcila is evident and totally reciprocated. I am sure Otto is now in excellent hands,” Alvarez continued.

When we first published the article about Otto, we mentioned that FRAD had started a project with Global Giving to collect funds that would help them feed the animals in their shelter for an entire year. Their goal was to collect a total of $7,000 in donations.

Alvarez wants Life with Dogs’ readers to know that thanks to their donations they are now closer to achieving this goal. The donations you made put FRAD just $772 away from reaching their $7,000 goal.

“I’m quite sure that if any of our animals could use a computer, [they] would have taken it from me to thank each one of you.” said Alvarez. “They [the animals] and all FRAD team, say THANK YOU so much for your tremendous support!”

If you would still like do donate and help FRAD reach their goal please visit If you would like to read a detailed report about the donations, visit the donation report page.

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