Authorities Searching for Person Responsible for Dumping Dog and Seventeen Puppies

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Karen Read was driving in Porter, Indiana late Friday night when saw a set of eyes in the road reflected in her headlights. She stopped her car for what she thought was just a raccoon, but what she found was a mother dog and numerous puppies abandoned by someone who sped off when she pulled over.

Read quickly called her husband to help. Read and some local residents started gathering up the puppies that were running away in various directions from where they had been dumped on State Park Road. As her husband came to help he found eight more puppies running loose and picked them up. In total 17 puppies were caught Friday nights.

They were unable to catch the mother dog on Friday, but she was safely captured by Porter Animal Control by Monday. The puppies were taken in by a local foster organization, Lakeshore PAWS. The puppies appear to be from two separate litters.

Read was unable to see who was in the SUV that dumped the puppies, but did identify it as gold. Porter County Sheriff’s Department is asking for the public’s help in identifying those responsible for dumping the mother dog and the 17 puppies along the side of the road Friday night. Anyone with information is asked to call Porter County Animal Control at (219) 477-3110.

13 thoughts on “Authorities Searching for Person Responsible for Dumping Dog and Seventeen Puppies”

  1. thank god for all the people who helped to save the mother dog and pups, may the people who dumped them rot in hell

  2. Why are people so stupid and so cowardly? Karma will bring the idiots bad times – so why not take responsibility for the poor animals and keep good things coming for all? Wake up, people!

  3. I do hope they find the person responsible for this, but maybe it was a better for the pups and mother, God knows what would of happened to them if they stayed with such a person. Thank you to Karen and her husband for doing such a wonderful thing by rounding them up. I do hope they all get great homes. And the loser gets caught with some jail time and community service.

  4. One of our three (Murphy) came to use that way . . . someone dumped her and a box of kittens on the side of the road right before my roommate’s brother-in-law drove by. The kittens ran off, but the puppy came right up to him. We call her our roadside special! I’m SO glad they were able to be found safely, and I’m sure they’ll all go to MUCH better homes now.

  5. can’t imagine what kind of human being who did that horrible thing. may bad karma be with him for the rest of his life…


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