Over 100 Dogs Rescued from N.C. Puppy Mill

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After a North Carolina consumer filed a complaint in regards to a sick puppy, local law enforcements opened an investigation against a Pender County puppy mill located at 8440 Highway 11 in Willard and discovered the property held over 100 dogs and other animals in atrocious conditions.

On Oct. 9, 2013, the Pender County Sheriff’s Department along The Humane Society of the United States, SPCA of Wake County, Guilford County Animal Shelter, and North Carolina Veterinary Medical Association entered the property to rescue all animals.

104 dogs rescued from N.C. puppy mill. Photo Credit: Humane Society
104 dogs rescued from N.C. puppy mill. Photo Credit: Humane Society

Authorities found 104 dogs including English bulldogs, huskies, chihuahuas and poodles living in wire chicken coops filled with feces and exposed to all elements. The puppy mill also housed a horse, a goat, three calves and 62 chickens.

All animals required veterinary attention and some were in need of emergency care.

“It is heartbreaking to see these dogs in such poor condition—no animal should suffer the way they did,” said Kim Alboum, North Carolina state director for The HSUS.

According to authorities, this rescue is another proof that North Carolina needs stronger laws to put a stop at the way puppy mills function and profit.

“This rescue demonstrates the need for stronger laws to prevent someone from forcing dogs to spend their lives in squalor, without access to clean food and water,” said Alboum. “We’re so grateful to the Pender County Sheriff’s Department for taking action in this case and for allowing us to help rescue these animals.”

The dogs were taken to shelters in Guilford and Wake Counties, once the investigation is closed and all pets are given a clean bill of health they will be available for adoption.

The puppy mill owner surrendered all animals as soon as investigators arrived at the scene. Charges are pending.


4 thoughts on “Over 100 Dogs Rescued from N.C. Puppy Mill”

  1. How many more dogs need to suffer before North Carolina wakes up & makes it illegal to operate a puppy mill?!!

  2. Stupid hillbillys! The south has the highest rate of unwanted animals because they let any redneck breed

  3. I have worked as a veterinarian’s assistant for over 30 yrs. I keep praying that one day irresponsible people will be made to pay the price for breeding dogs for money only. I have seen a lot of puppies come from places like this because of sympathy buying. Good people just can’t leave them in those conditions, but they also won’t go the extra mile to turn them in. It’s a sad sad story. If there is no market , these jerks will stop breeding, but the consequences have to be SEVERE for these puppy mills, or it will just continue.

  4. I want to say something to the person that said stupid hillbillies the south has the high ties rant of unwanted animals. Well I am from the south .And your statement is so wrong . There are puppie mills all across the United States . I have lived in southern Ca also for over 25 years . Befor I moved back to the south . And I heard sad stories about puppie mills back then . I agree they should be stopped . But how can they be stopped . Dog rescuerr from the south .


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