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Over 150 Dogs Rescued from an Unlicensed Breeding Facility


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Photo Credit: ASPCA

Last week 150 dogs were removed from an unlicensed breeding facility in Michigan. The dogs were taken into the care of humane societies across the Midwest, and soon many of them will be looking for good homes.

More than 150 dogs were removed from JRT John’s Jack Russell and Shiba Inu Kennel in Lake City, Michigan. The seizure was prompted by violations of state dog laws.  The dogs were found living in outdoor enclosures which provided them little protection from the elements. There only way to seek shelter was in plastic carriers. They also lacked clean drinking water.

The dogs went to several area rescues and shelters. 42 Jack Russell terriers and Border Collies went to a humane society in Minnesota that is now preparing those dogs for adoption and hopes to find them homes so they can live better lives.

“We’ll feed them, get them vet care, get them all checked out and ready for new homes and hopefully they’ll be adopted pretty quickly,” said Carrie Libera, a spokesperson for the Animal Humane Society. “They’re still young, they’re vibrant, they have a really good chance of learning what it is like to be a family dog.”

The Humane Society hopes to have some of the dogs ready for adoption as early as Tuesday. More information on adopting them can be found at the Animal Humane Society’s website.