Over 40 Dogs Disappear During Past two Months in North Texas

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So far, in an event that is yet to be explained by law enforcement, over 40 dogs have gone missing from their homes in a North Texas county.  This has been going on there over the past two months, and so far, no clues have been found linking the disappearances to any person or persons.  This is leaving the police baffled and the residents of Wise County are scared for the lives of their dogs.

“I’m horrified,” Robin Lewis said.  The Lewis family lost their black Labrador, Jack back in December.  “It’s been really difficult trying to explain Jack’s gone, and are we ever going to see him again?” said Lewis.  “They’re heartbroken.  I’m heartbroken.  My husband’s heartbroken.”

On the same day that Jack went missing, Decatur Mayor Martin Woodruff had both his daughter’s pit bull and his Great Dane go missing as well.  Both dogs somehow were taken from Woodruff’s fenced in backyard, and once again, there were no clues left behind as to who took them, or where they would be taken too.

“Police dispatch said after several hours that this is very unusual,” said Woodruff, and Lewis agrees with that statement.

“I think it’s very suspicious that three very large, friendly dogs disappear in the same neighborhood at the exact same time,” she said.

According to the Wise County Sheriff, the total of missing dogs since November is now over 40.  Not a single shred of evidence or a single clue has been found, giving investigators nothing to go on.

“It’s really disheartening to think that there are people out here that would do this,” said Woodruff.

Lewis is left wondering about where all of these dogs are.  One would have to figure that 40 dogs, collected in one area, would be hard to miss.

“It begs the question of where are these dogs going? And who’s taking them? And what are they doing with them?” said Lewis.

The police and sheriff’s office have no physical descriptions of possible suspects, nor what their vehicles possibly look like.  They are reminding residents to keep constant watch over their pets until something turns up.  People noticing anything out of the ordinary at all are urged to call the authorities at once.

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    • Did you even read the article?! Most of these dogs were taken from their private FENCED IN yards. :/

      • A fenced yard is absolutely no protection at all. Anyone can simply walk in and take these pets. The minute the first dog went missing, everyone was on notice to keep pets indoors and they simply ignored it. Families should check on Craigslist, as many stolen purebreds turn up there.

        It’s horrible and I hope that these family pets are found, but their owners really ignored all of the danger signs and are now suffering unbearable hurt and guilt.

      • Sounds like a dog fighting ring is stealing these pets, God bless them and bring them home safe soon. I will be praying for your dogs.

    • Sounds like one more animal-hating nut job – the kind for which Texas is so famous – is on the loose. Time to start setting up surveillance cameras.

      • Texas is no more famous for that than any other state but I don’t suppose you would understand that would you, Carol?

        • I agree wholeheartedly with Carol.

          Heck, the Fort Worth Fat And Stock Show is nothing but disguised ‘animal abuse’ among consenting adults for profit.

          Double heck, Fort Worth is the veritable homeland of red meat consumption. Our Cowtown concrete cowboys insist Oprah Winfrey is the anti-Christ and not for the complexion-based reasons patently owned by our white Republicans.

      • Texas is famous for animal hating nut jobs? Hmm, I’ve lived in a neighboring state for most of my life and never heard of such a thing.

      • Right on. You know they use a separate Air Force plane for the dog they have.
        Our tax money going to good use. NOT.
        I recall the Bush family dogs were running on the White House Lawn, Christmas video, and a children ‘s book. Do quote me on that.
        I have not seen the dog, Why not get guard dogs to guard the White House.
        They would do a better job then the security.
        In the olden days dogs were the protectors for kings and queens.
        In our days the criminal would sue if a watch dog attacked them.

        • Do you know that is not true. The dog was flown on the helicopter with the secret service guys – not on the plane with the President. IT DID NOT HAVE IT’s Own plane. Try to sound informed next time.

    • This was happening in MN. The bad news, people eat dogs. We are not raised this way. I do not know if you have a restaurant that is serving these poor dogs.
      When I was young a group of people would come to the county and get eggs that the chic was developed partially. I was a common practice from where they were from.

    • People need to watch there dogs,have them micro chipped, if out at night, use motion detection lights.
      I pray the the evil underground dog fighting criminals are not taking them 4 bait.
      You would think with all the technology you could purchase a GPS dog collar. I have no Idea if they exist.
      put flour on the outside of the fence to see if you get any imprints, put up a camera like they use for deer hunting.
      think out of the box, there has to be something a person can catch them. The DNR uses fake Deer to catch poachers.
      My heart is filled with sadness. I have rescued many dogs. I cannot even think how emotional I would be. I know I would try every resource and keep checking any signs of baiting.
      May you be blessed that they will be found.
      Sorry for your losses.
      I will pray for all of you.

  1. It amazes me that so many people were leaving their dogs outside unattended, Especially after the first few cases were reported.

    • I have to agree with you Hallie, no way would I Leave my dog out side when I WAS NOT home nor after dark after the first one wee stolen..thats just plain stupid..

  2. Don’t let them outside by themselves even if they’re in your own yard. People are evil and will find a way to hurt others.

  3. Oh…I see alot of canines running free when I travel south…I’d say sooner or later this criminals gonna eat someone’s shotgun fire.


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