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Over 40 Dogs Disappear During Past two Months in North Texas

by Fred

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So far, in an event that is yet to be explained by law enforcement, over 40 dogs have gone missing from their homes in a North Texas county.  This has been going on there over the past two months, and so far, no clues have been found linking the disappearances to any person or persons.  This is leaving the police baffled and the residents of Wise County are scared for the lives of their dogs.

“I’m horrified,” Robin Lewis said.  The Lewis family lost their black Labrador, Jack back in December.  “It’s been really difficult trying to explain Jack’s gone, and are we ever going to see him again?” said Lewis.  “They’re heartbroken.  I’m heartbroken.  My husband’s heartbroken.”

On the same day that Jack went missing, Decatur Mayor Martin Woodruff had both his daughter’s pit bull and his Great Dane go missing as well.  Both dogs somehow were taken from Woodruff’s fenced in backyard, and once again, there were no clues left behind as to who took them, or where they would be taken too.

“Police dispatch said after several hours that this is very unusual,” said Woodruff, and Lewis agrees with that statement.

“I think it’s very suspicious that three very large, friendly dogs disappear in the same neighborhood at the exact same time,” she said.

According to the Wise County Sheriff, the total of missing dogs since November is now over 40.  Not a single shred of evidence or a single clue has been found, giving investigators nothing to go on.

“It’s really disheartening to think that there are people out here that would do this,” said Woodruff.

Lewis is left wondering about where all of these dogs are.  One would have to figure that 40 dogs, collected in one area, would be hard to miss.

“It begs the question of where are these dogs going? And who’s taking them? And what are they doing with them?” said Lewis.

The police and sheriff’s office have no physical descriptions of possible suspects, nor what their vehicles possibly look like.  They are reminding residents to keep constant watch over their pets until something turns up.  People noticing anything out of the ordinary at all are urged to call the authorities at once.