Kansas City Police Department Finds Stolen Truck with Dog Inside

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John Nee and his dog Mack have been reunited thanks to the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department.  Nee’s truck was stolen with Mack still inside of it while Nee was leaving a house party he had been at.  The theft of his dog and truck happened right in front of him, and there wasn’t much he could do at that moment to stop it.

“I looked up and a Dodge Ram was headed my direction at roughly 60 miles per hour or so,” Nee said. “If I would have stayed on the road, they would have hit me.”

Because he had to get out of the way quickly in an effort not to be run over, Nee didn’t get a good look at the suspects before they took off.  He did however, manage to get a look at the other vehicle involved, and was able to provide a description of that to police.

“Someone hopped out of the Dodge, and all I could hear was rubber burning out and both went off, both trucks,” said Nee.

Thankfully, Mack was not in any way hurt, and appeared not to have been abused or mistreated in any way.  Nee is just happy to have his dog and his truck back, and that no one was seriously hurt in the incident.

missing dog mack

15 thoughts on “Kansas City Police Department Finds Stolen Truck with Dog Inside”

  1. For those complaining that he left his dog in the “box” (it’s a type of crate for the bed of a truck) while he was “partying”, perhaps it was a party his pup was welcome at, and he just loaded up his dog and was gathering a few things/saying his goodbyes before he got in the vehicle to leave. As it said–he was leaving the party when the truck was stolen. He wasn’t currently “partying” while the theft was occurring. Chances are, too, that it was a family “house party” or a football “party”…or a bad choice of words on the author’s (or theft victim’s) behalf…unless you know the whole story, don’t be too quick to judge.

  2. Actually, that dog being in a built-in crate in the back is 100% safer than dogs riding loose in your cars. Which almost everyone does…and it’s stupid. Same as leaving your toddler or infant unsecured. And Subaru tested every car seat-belt harness for dogs and all but one failed so badly that most dogs ( “test dogs”) were decapitated. A 30# dog in a 20 MPH crash flies thru the car at 60 MPH and hits whatever it hits with the force of a 100#plus missile.


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