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Over 50 Dogs Saved from Kennel Fire

by Melanie

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5.2.14 - Over 50 Dogs Saved from Kennel Fire

When a fire broke out at a boarding and grooming facility in Marshfield, Massachusetts, first responders were quick to evacuate everyone inside.  One person suffered smoke inhalation, but every single one of the dogs made it out safely.

“We got a call for a working building fire in a residential home that’s also a kennel.  All the animals were okay.  Fifty to fifty-five animals in there were rescued prior to any fire getting to their side of the building,” said Marshfield Deputy Chief William Hocking.

5.2.14 - Over 50 Dogs Saved from Kennel Fire2

The fire is suspected to have started in a bedroom on the second floor of the residential portion of the structure.  Kennel employees, police, firefighters and passersby worked together to quickly get all the animals outside.

“The animals are all fine.  They were all taken out, and had a lot of people up and down the streets… everybody was helping in transporting the animals, and now they’re all back inside, all cleaned and fed,” said the owner of Elja Kennel.

Because the fire was isolated to one side of the building, the kennel is safe for the animals to once again be housed in.