Over 80 Dogs Rescued From Puppy Mills in OK & In Need of Homes

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“Most are very able to be house trained and the majority don’t have socialization issues either…They just have to learn to trust again.”

Photo Credit: North Shore Animal League America
Photo Credit: North Shore Animal League America

On October 18, North Shore Animal League America in New York rescued over 80 dogs from puppy mills in Oklahoma, most of whom will be up for adoption beginning tomorrow-Wednesday, October 23. The dogs were willingly given up by puppy mill owners who no longer had use for them.

According to Christina Trabalja of North Shore Animal League America, there are numerous reasons why puppy mill owners give up dogs:

Sometimes they are not able to be bred anymore, sometimes it’s also that the owner has too many animals or is in a personal situation in which they feel overwhelmed or they just have breeds they feel they can’t sell…to them it’s just a money making thing.”

North Shore Animal League America has worked previously with National Mill Dog Rescue in Colorado to save dogs at puppy mills from the death sentence that often occurs when puppy mill owners no longer can care for them. Working together enables the two organizations to keep each other informed of potential rescues and of owners who want to give up dogs.

According to Trabalja, when such rescues occur, North Shore Animal League America does not visit the actual puppy mills as this would jeopardize their relationship with puppy mill owners. Though such a “relationship” might seem counter intuitive for those who stand against puppy mills, if the puppy mill owners thought that rescue organizations were hostile, they may take matters into their own hands, inhumanely euthanizing or cruelly neglecting dogs they view as a burden rather than giving them up to humane rescue organizations, as often happens at other puppy mills without such relationships.

Although this means many other dogs are being used, at least the ones that would have been the most neglected or even killed are able to be brought to a safe place. North Shore Animal League America transports these rescued dogs using their fleet of eight rescue mobile units, which are like shelters on wheels and can hold up to 40 dogs each.

Puppy Mill Rescue North Shore3
Photo Credit: North Shore Animal League America

The dogs that have just arrived are undergoing complete medical and behavioral screening and, as mentioned previously, most will be up for adoption on Wednesday, October 23.  The rescued dogs range in size, age and breed from a few months old to those of advanced age who were no longer able to be bred and consist of Maltese, Yorkshire Terrier, Poodle, Pomeranian, pure and mixed German Shepherds, among other breeds both large and small.

Trabalja encourages those who can to consider taking in one of these sweet dogs and to get past their reservations regarding dogs rescued from puppy mills.

“Many people think that dogs that come from puppy mills are untrainable or not able to be housebroken but they are very resilient and they know that they are in a place where they are loved…Most are very able to be housetrained and the majority don’t have socialization issues either…They just have to learn to trust again.”


North Shore Animal League America is the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization, having saved over 1,000,000 dogs and cats’ lives since beginning in 1944. They are an innovator in animal welfare, committing to rescue and rehabilitate all animals and create a more sustainable world for them. They rescue animals from overcrowded shelters, unwanted litters and from owners who are no longer able to care for them. They also provide affordable veterinary care and dog training services.

***For those located in the area or who would like to come in person to see the dogs, the address is:

North Shore Animal League America Adoption Headquarters

25 Davis Avenue

Port Washington, NY 11050

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  1. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out puppy mills are wrong. So what’s taking so long for states to band them?? Make the practice against the law, and give out stricter laws, jail time, fines to be paid to the Counties & Humane Societies & Probation. This should also be for people who torture, neglect, abuse, and cruelty to any animal.

    Let’s Do It ASAP ! ! !

  2. Lets Do It ASAP !!!

    Make puppy mills and cruelty, torture, abuse and neglect against the law for anyone. Jail time, Fines paid to Town & Humane Societies in that region, Probation, and they are never able to own another animal again. Lets get it done. Enough talking about it, just do it, and the law should be Nationwide.

  3. Would like to adopt a small, young adult, female dog. Would like an application. We live at a low income senior housing apartment complex, that is animal friendly, but we pay an animal deposit to have one. My husband is still grieving over our Maltese mix that passed away last July. Would like another one to love. Please contact us at 812 878-2167. Thank you!


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