Owner Blames Puppy’s Death on Clinic for Turning Them Away

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5.14.14 - Owner Blames Puppy2

The incident occurred at the Weslaco Animal Clinic, where Jorge Nava brought a female English bull dog puppy, just days old, that was having breathing problems.  He’s claiming that they didn’t even glance in their direction, offered no help, and their lack of action is directly related to the death of the puppy.

“They didn’t even care to look at her,” Nava said.  “They didn’t even touch her.  They didn’t even honestly look at her across the counter.”

The two puppies, delivered via C-section at a different vet’s office on Saturday had Nava overjoyed.  However, one of the female pups didn’t make it through the following day, when she lost her life to intestinal problems.

After the other puppy started showing breathing problems around 6:30pm Monday, Nava says he got the puppy to the Weslaco Animal Clinic straight away.

“He just looked at me, he had another dog in his hand, looked at me and said ‘we’re closed’,” said Nava.  “I said ‘man, can you take a look at her?’  He said ‘no we’re closed man and I have another emergency here.  And the dog he had in his hand looked like he could have spared five minutes to look at my puppy.”

Apparently, the vet’s office closes at 6pm.

Rey Blanco, the office manager at Weslaco says that the clinic had been kept open a full 30 minutes later due to multiple emergency visits that came in last minute that they didn’t want to turn away.

“We have one doctor here, she has two arms and two legs, she can only do so much,” said Blanco.

Nava believes the lack of compassion he experienced is what should be concerning people.

“I feel like they could have just taken a look at her and said you know what we’ll put this aside for a minute or two and we’ll try to help her out with her breathing.”

Blanco strongly believes the clinic is not at fault.

“What would have happened if the office was closed?  “What if the doors were closed and locked and there was nobody here?  Would we still be at fault?” asked Blanco.

The clinic is stating that Nava could have waited to be seen, but took off to another clinic shortly after being told the vet would not be able to see the puppy.  The puppy dies while he was on his way to another office.

The pups may not have survived the ordeal, but at least momma is still okay.

10 thoughts on “Owner Blames Puppy’s Death on Clinic for Turning Them Away”

  1. You should be ashamed of publishing things like that. People are dumb enough to take this imcomplete information and go on a vendetta against that clinic. You are hurting that clinic’s reputation and putting the livelyhood of everyone who works there at risk. That’s disgusting.

  2. If the vet was closed..then the door should have been locked making it impossible to get in the office …I don’t believe the vet is at fault but they could of at least showed compassion and looked at the puppy

    • This is a tough situation. If the vet was working on another emergency and it was YOUR pet that was the emergency and there was only one vet would you want that vet to leave your pet? I wasn’t there to see how it was handled, but since the poor puppy died shortly after I wonder if there was anything the vet could have done anyway. Still a bit more compassion would be good. Puppies are very fragile.
      I hope the owner of the mom dog does the right thing and spays the dog. Humans have done a lot of harm to this breed for they can no longer reproduce naturally. Sad.

  3. Shame on all of you who are saying take this story down! Just ask yourselves something for a second, what is the duty of a vet surgery? Huh? And if they had already taken in other dogs that they “didn’t want to turn down” what’s one more puppy? Why is that pup so different? They could have at least told the man to wait or something. Also, the aparent lack of compassion is disturbing to me. I know you can get tough days, I get that, but come on! You could at least show a bit of compassion, if not for the man then for the sake of the fact he is a customer and certain levels of formality and codes should be followed as such.

    • Bulldogs are an unhealthy breed, it was unlikely the pup would have lived. There for the vets took into consideration which emergency was more important. Frankly the world is typically ran on a first come first serve basis. She should have been more prepared and called before going to said clinic, this way they could have prepared or she could have found a less busy one.

    • The poor puppy died shortly after. If they had been asked to wait what then? The puppy may have died in the waiting room.
      Folks that have pets need to know where the vet emergency facilities are, but even they do triage and if there are more dire emergencies than vets to handle them, well it isn’t good.
      I hope they spay the mom dog. Humans have created breeds of dogs that cannot reproduce normally and I find that very sad and horrible.

  4. This is why I love my vet and the people at his clinic so much. I have already called and they have opened the doors for me either early or late because of an emergency.
    I think a few words and telling the owner they would check the puppy in just a moment would have gone a long way in easing this situation.

    It said there was one doctor. Was there anyone else there that could have at least spoken to this family and tried to give them some comfort.

    Technically the clinic may not be at fault, but the lack of compassion speaks volumes.

  5. What is really sad is the fact that certain breeds can’t give birth naturally and have a slew of issues straight out of the womb yet breeders insist they are improving the breed.
    I am sorry for the loss of any pup but what ever happened to found breeding practices.

  6. What?!?! The story is reporting the story exactly the way it happened. The clinic is even stating that they did not do anything wrong.

    A vet and their staff is their for the wellbeing of the animals and their owners. You don’t turn anyone away. If you put yourself in the position to care for the animals lives.. you stay open. You don’t respond the way they did.. no if’s and’s or but’s.

    Catherine Bonneau.. to many people.. their pets are their children…their lives. You nor this vet clinic have any right to diminish that.

    A vet takes an oath in school… that’s to protect the life and wellbeing of an animal.

    Grow up


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