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Owner neglects dog, then claims he found her to avoid paying for treatment


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A dog with severe neck injuries is being treated for her injuries after being turned in to authorities in Spokane.  The man who dropped her off claimed that he  found her by the side of the road, but the sad truth is that it was actually the owner who had brought in the badly neglected and injured dog. Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS) is now looking after the 1 year old husky mix who is named Nanuk.

Nanuk had been left outside, chained up with a choke collar on her neck for months.  As she grew from a pup, the collar got so tight that her skin literally grew around it, leaving her with painful and devastating injuries.  Her owner, Richard Lafountain, finally admitted that the dog was his, claiming that the dog had been given to him but he couldn’t afford to take of her.  That doesn’t explain however why he had not been outside to see the dog for weeks.

When he discovered what had happened, he and his neighbour conspired to come up with the story that the dog had been found, figuring that he would not have to pay the bills for her care.  He subsequently dropped her of for treatment and when her picture was released to the media people called in with tips about tho owned her.  Lafountain has since surrendered custody of Nanuk to SCRAPS.  He could still face jail time and animal cruelty charges.

Washington state is currently several new bills to protect animals from cruelty, which include giving police officers the right to enter cars to rescue dogs in distress.  All forms of organized animal fighting would also be banned.  As for Nanuk, the happy and friendly pup will be put up for adoption when is recovered from her wounds, and will have another chance at the life she deserves in a home filled with love.