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Elderly couple heartbroken over missing dog, but not giving up hope


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A Cleveland woman whose dog went missing on November 15th is doing the only thing she can to maintain hope that her dog will come home; writing letters.  Marge Brown, who is 87, let her dog out in the yard, and then Megan, a 17 year old Yorkshire terrier, disappeared.  Since that day her family has been searching relentlessly and reaching out for help from their community, refusing to give up on the idea that Megan will come back to them.

“We just went anywhere and everywhere every single day,” Brown said. “I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I had to start taking pills.”Just about every week, Marge Brown writes a letter to the local paper.  Some weeks the letter is written from her perspective, other times from Megan’s.  Megan is blind, hard of hearing, and has bladder problems, so it can’t be easy being lost.

The letters have garnered an incredible response, not just from her town of Sheffield, but from all over the U.S. “It’s incredible,” she said. “People are calling me from all over the whole cotton-picking United States. I can’t believe it. I just can’t believe it.”  Brown is moved by the caring and compassion shown by total strangers calling to sympathize and offer support.

Marge and her husband Buddy have had Megan since 1995, when she was just a pup, and of course they miss her terribly and the lack of any closure has been very hard to take.  “It’s been a horrible time in my life, even when I lost the other dogs,” Marge said. “I mean, there was an end to it. I knew they were dead, but with Megan, I sit here and wonder day by day. Is she alive? Is she… is someone mistreating her?”  Until she knows for sure, Marge Brown will wait for Megan to come home, and keep writing letters in the hopes that someone has found her and will return her to the only home she has ever known.