Patrick at Play

If you’re familiar with Patrick, you’ll understand why we’re so happy to share this brief but inspiring update.

If you’re not, start here: The Patrick Miracle.

9 thoughts on “Patrick at Play”

  1. OMG..that brought tears of joy to my eyes. Look how happy and trusting he is after all he’s been through. What a great family pet he’ll be. He looks AWESOME!!

  2. I am just overjoyed at Patrick playing here. The love, the trust, the resilience. God bless this puppy boy. And God bless you all for bringing him back from the brink of death.

  3. Wow! Look at Patrick now! God bless all of you who worked so hard to bring him back from the brink of death to the beautiful, trusting playful dog he is now! GO, PATRICK! You deserve a life full of happiness!


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