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Perfect Read for Dog Lovers: LET ME TELL YOU ABOU JASPER… How My Best Friend Became America’s Dog

by Adrea

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Dana Perino, co-host of The Five on Fox, has shared on the air a peak into the joy that is her dog, Jasper. Just in time for the holiday season, her new book,  LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT JASPER… How My Best Friend Became America’s Dog, has just been released.


This delightful read is filled with heartfelt, relate-able stories and anecdotes which any animal lover would be able to appreciate.  The story of Dana, Jasper, and the other dogs that have influenced her life, serving as a reflection of how much our own dogs impact and enrich our lives.



Jasper, who’s social media popularity outranks Dana’s, was dubbed “America’s Dog” by Fox host Greg Gutfeld, and the moniker has stuck.  Through think and thin, dogs have been instrumental in shaping Dana’s life, her own story one that will resonate with so many.



Whether you are familiar with Jasper already or not, LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT JASPER… How My Best Friend Became America’s Dog, available at AmazonBarnes and Noble, and local retailers, may be an ideal, heartfelt gift this holiday season for any dog lover.