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Peruvian Dog Become Expert in Apprehending Criminals

by Katherine

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In Lima, Peru, there is one police dog that has become quite the local hero after he has successfully apprehended multiple thieves who try to get away with stolen property such as women purses and cell phones.

The dog is named Apolo and his heroic acts have been caught on video camera.

The petty thefts have happened in Barranco, one of Lima’s 43 districts, and with an increase in police patrols and of course Apolo’s help, the thefts have somewhat decreased.

For example, a Brazilian tourist was able to recover her purse after Apolo chased the criminal and pinned him to the floor.

It all happened when the automobile the tourist was riding in was idling at a red light and the robber walked close to the car, reached inside it through the passenger’s window, and snatched the purse out.

The criminal took off running and Apolo chased after him. The dog lunged at the man, knocked him to the ground, and he pinned him down until police officers arrived to capture the criminal.

Apolo in Action
Apolo in Action


On a different occasion, a man took off on a bicycle after stealing a cell phone. Apolo again chased after the thief. For anyone who did not witness the robbery, it seemed the black dog was chasing after his owner on the bike, but those who knew the dog was Apolo knew he was on a hot pursuit.

Moments later Apolo trips the man off the bicycle and pins him down until officers arrive to make the arrest.

Apolo chasing after a thief on a bike.
Apolo chasing after a thief on a bike.


Thanks to Apolo many thieves are now thinking twice before committing their crimes in Barranco.

Apolo is loved not only by his fellow officers but also by all the locals who now feel a lot safer when Apolo is around.