Pet Owner Breaks the Law to Save Dog from Burning Apartment

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Would you risk getting arrested and going to jail to save your dog from perishing in a fire? Jarrod Martin of West Nashville broke a police line and jumped to his balcony to save his dog Bishop from dying in an uncontrollable fire.


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    • Sorry, I would have done the same..the fire fighters did not seem to be worried about the dog. Man’s best friend..

    • Iam from the Philippines in La Trinidad. I will do the smae to save my dog/s\even it will cost me to be imprisoned as long as they will feed me and my dogs as i will bring my dogs with me in the prison. The owner is my HERO! BTW, i have 14 adoipted dogs which were left on the streets roaming around.

    • The police and the fire department were not fast enough, not safe enough, not smart enough to handle the problem and the dog would have perished. The IDIOCY of the people who are supposed to SERVE sometimes shows me that, instead of caring intelligently, as the dog owner did, the fearful authorities have to elect a committee and talk at great length, instead of just doing. Reminds me too much of the administration today. Talk, talk, talk, never any action with a purpose. Always a reaction. STUPID.


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