Dog’s Reaction to Best Friend’s Return Is Priceless

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Nathan is just coming home from being out on a two-year Mormon mission.  Meaning he and his dog Bailey were separated for a full, long, two years.  Almost instantly after seeing Nathan come home, Bailey is going absolutely insane!  This gives a whole phrase “absence makes the heart grow fonder” a completely new meaning.



54 thoughts on “Dog’s Reaction to Best Friend’s Return Is Priceless”

  1. This will always be a special moment with your pet you are definitely loved by your pet!and that’s nice to see! Kim

  2. Years ago I had a dog that was so dedicated to me, that when I was activated for Desert Storm, and left for 6 months, the dog almost died. He hardly ever left his bed, and almost quit eating all together. When I came home, he was even more excited to see me then my son, and wife. For about a month after my return, he wouldn’t leave my side, even as far a sitting in the bathroom waiting for me to get out of the shower. He lived to be just over 20 years old, and I have never had another dog that cared for me like that one.

    • Oh, That’s so nice Michael! I wish I could have a pet where I live, but they don’t allow that, except for fish, and I don’t want fish. I want a cat.


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