Pets Helping Vets

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For veterans returning from combat, the scars are often mental rather than physical. Shaw TV Winnipeg reporter Blair Malazdrewich looks at how therapy dogs can help, in a feature on an organization’s military veteran service dog program.

Military veteran Anthony Gunkel’s service dog Allie wear’s the MSAR.CA emblem of the Manitoba Search and Rescue operates a service dog program. MSAR / Courageous Companions provides and trains world class service dogs to Canadian veterans, First Responders and the General Public.

Mr. Gunkel says Allie makes it possible for him to go out in public to places like the mall despite his post traumatic stress issues, and she keeps him out of the hospital.

Chris Cvetkovic founded Cvets Pets, an organization that provides supplies for the veterans when they get their pets. The supplies include crates, beds, bowls, leads, chew toys, canine first aid kits, and more.

Corageous Campanions head trainer George Leonard and Chris Cvetkovic tell of the extreme challenges some returning veterans face that their service dogs help them overcome.

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