Philly Undercover Premieres January 7th on NatGeo

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A war is being waged against animal cruelty in the City of Brotherly Love, where dogfighting has become a lucrative illegal sport.

Canines are beaten, starved, abused, and forced to literally fight for their lives. But now, there’s highly specialized crime fighting unit on the front lines, infiltrating Philadelphia’s criminal underworld to put and end to dogfighting and the inhumane treatment of animals.

National Geo WILD’S new six part series, Philly Undercover, embeds with the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, an undercover police team tasked with eliminating dog fighting and protecting all animals from abuse and neglect. Premiering Saturday, January 7th, at 10pm ET and then moving to its regular night and time, Monday January 9th, at 9pm ET, the series offers an emotional look at extreme animal violence.

We spent last evening watching an advance press screening of Philly Undercover and can’t recommend it enough: if you can stomach the graphic content, this gritty, street-level view of those who perpetrate violence against dogs – and the men and women sworn to protect them – is powerful and affecting, and should be considered must-see TV for any dog lover with an interest in animal welfare.

15 thoughts on “Philly Undercover Premieres January 7th on NatGeo”

  1. I think that humans who fight animals need to be put down. I wish the death penalty would be applied to those who fight animals. I bet it would sure stop a lot of people from doing it.

    • I am against fighting animals, but you are going to extremes here. You feel a human being should be put to sleep for fighting a dog? Yet there are millions of child molestors, murderers, rappist, child abusers women abusers cop killers and many other types of sick and twisted people out there that are walking the streets all over this country today. Also others in prison who will be getting out one day for their crimes. So to say animal abusers should die is very extreme!

      • I think what she is getting at is there needs to be such strong deterrents under the law that the oxygen-wasting bottom feeding slimesucking perps will think twice about any kind of animal cruelty. FYI, there is a HUGE movement in this country that takes its preferences relating to horrific crimes from some of the more radical punishments that historically were put on monsters who masqueraded in human form. Just because the person you are castigating here didn’t happen to mention crimes against humans you apparently have decided she is wrongheaded. There has to be something done about the high percentage of psychopathic, sociopathic, substance abusers and assorted types including but not limited to the just plain EVIL. And because sympathy, empathy, excuse-making, “treatment”, and minimal jail time in country club prisons has made no difference in the escalation in viciousness and sheer numbers of violent crimes against people AND animals, what are we left with but the concept of eye for an eye.

        Think about it. So far our authorities seem much more interested in not only protecting criminals but in marginalizing and disenfranchising the more helpless members of society – and of course good old victim blaming, such as the sad and shocking practice of blaming rape victims for “inviting” it – only in recent years has there been any progress in this. Think about the thousands of abused children who have suffered and even died at the hands of parents, relatives or foster guardians. These crimes as well as animal crimes keep escalating not only in terms of numbers but in the sheer madness and horror of imaginative torture and murder. And with animals it is often for MONEY.

        Philadelphia idolizes and aggrandizes Michael Vick the poster child for dog fighting. Why can’t anyone see that in Vick’s home city where he is a star studded and highly monied “hero” of COURSE there is going to be an uptick in dogfighting – because Michael Vick did it and Michael Vick is rich beyond avarice and Michael Vick got very minimal punishment and that punishment wasn’t even for animal abuse it was for bankrolling illegal activities across state lines. And with nary a hiccup in his misbegotten life here he is again making big money and being a big star. What do you THINK is going to be patterned by certain elements of society given the Michael Vick Machine???

        I am in agreement with Tracey. So are many others who have sadly come to the conclusion that given the monumental evil loose in our society today, maybe the only thing that will work better upon conviction for these crimes IS eye for an eye to send the strongest possible message to criminals and wannabes.

      • I think they should all be put down. The humans that do these things are not worthy of living. They should all be put down… And you will most likely think that this is extreme, but I assure you – the shitty humans who hurt children and animals are not worthy of living. As they will go on and on hurting more children and animals

      • yes they should!!! how would you like it if some one forced you or someone you love to fight and be beaten and hurt!!!! you obviously dont have a heart!!! People should suffer for what they do to animals they have feelings and a soul do you?

      • Newsflash… The idiots that fight animals are ALSO murderers, rapists, drug dealers, arms dealers, etc, etc. So, it’s not so extreme. Dogfighting is the least of the crimes they commit.

        and actually, putting them down would be too humane. That is an easy way out.
        The death penalty is severely flawed as it is, so that will do no good.

    • Kuddos to you Tracey

      I completely agree with you. Anyone who owns a pet knows that they feel just like us and love just like us. They are another member of our family, the kid that never grows up. So why shouldn’t they be protected by the law from psychopaths. People who intentionally hurt others and animals are sick and evil.

    • To anonymous –
      are you joking, blind or just to stupid to know that the child molesters, murderers, rapists child abusers, women abusers and so on – ARE THE LOWLIFE SCUMBAGS THAT HURT ANIMALS… A human being loses their value when they sow pain and torture on any other of God’s creatures. And people who hurt children and animals especially deserve to be put down. Think how much safer and peaceful our world would be without any of the scum that hurt others…
      I agree 100% with Tracey – I think this world should go back to “Do unto others as they do or have done unto any of God’s creatures”. And we are all God’s creatures. Funny tho – the only ones that God takes back without a doubt are the animals and small children. Us older humans choose by how we live our lives whether God will take us back. And it is not just by our actions how we are judged – it is also by our inactions and our apathy that we are judged.

  2. This will be a tough series to watch but necessary to show. I hope this will go a long way in educating the clueless members of the public that are unaware of how pervasive this animal cruelty is!

    There is no way for me to accurately describe how much I despise the low life POS’s that fight dogs. I have nothing but respect for those fighting to save these dogs on the front lines of this cruel, inhumane and criminal activity. I hope the authorities who are working in these units are making headway in identifying the low life that continue to practice this animal abuse.

    Non only are these poor dogs abused by their first owners but then they have to maneuver their way through an adoption system plagued with prejudice against their breed making it even harder for them to find the forever homes they deserve after all they have been through. Despite countless research proving that bull terriers are no more aggressive as a breed than any other breed this label continues to be tattooed to their chest.

    As law enforcement works to stop dog fighting rings we as a society need to work on the other end by promoting the truth about this breed which is, bullies are not “killing machines” but loving, loyal and highly sociable canines when living with devoted and loving owners!

  3. I totally agree with Tracey and Jenifer. We need to make the punishment excessive for someone who does this in order to stop this sickening “sport”. Any idiot out there who continues to do this will finally get a little bit of their own medicine!

  4. Meanwhile,ur ancestors started this sport hundreds of yrs ago. And if Tom Brady got caught 1st,he wouldn’t have been made an example like Vick was. So with that being said, dont forget that rapest,murderers,thugs are closer to u than u think. And quiet as kept, many of the underground fighters are taking care of your kids too.

  5. I take my hat of to the people who are dedicating their lives to stop this brutal, barbaric crime. It’s a tough job and it takes a special person to do it.
    I woke up at 4 am this morning with the image of the dog with a leash around his neck, who was unable to lie down, due to the chain not being long enough. Who would do such a thing? These people who fight dogs are despicable! Find other ways to pay your bills! Dogs are man’s best friend and I couldn’t imagine any dog living in the conditions these poor animals were living in.
    Thank you to the team at Philly Undercover! Saying thank you isn’t enough…compared to what you do daily!

  6. we love dogs &whatever you doing for the safety of dogs is very good. Many of the people are also impressed by your work.


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