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Phoenix Fire Department Rescues Dog from Fire

by Katherine

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On Jan. 11, 2014, Phoenix firefighters saved the life of a pet when the canine was rescued from a burning apartment and revived with an oxygen mask known as the “Fido Bag.

Phoenix firefighters reviving dog rescued from fire.
Phoenix firefighters reviving dog rescued from fire.

The fire started in an apartment complex on the 20th street north of Sweetwater Avenue, Phoenix, Ariz., around 5:45 p.m.

When fire rescuers arrived on the scene, they discovered one of the units filled with black smoke. Upon searching the apartment, no humans were discovered inside, but there was a semiconscious dog trapped in one of the back rooms.

Hero rescuers rushed the pet to safety and immediately used their oxygen mask (“Fido Bag”) to revive the canine.

While firefighters work on the dog, neighbors contacted the pet owner who rushed to her dog’s side.

According to Fire Capt. Tony Mure, the dog is expected to make a full recovery.

The life of the pet would have not been saved if it wasn’t for the hero rescuers and the donated Fido Bags provided by the Fetch Foundation.