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Photo Project: Dog-A-Day for Canine Cancer


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Over the course of a lifetime, a dog’s chance of getting cancer is 1 in 3. It is difficult to watch your best friend, whose life is never long enough to begin with and who provides you nothing but joy and unconditional love, suffer.It is something that no one and no dog should have to endure. Having witnessed this heartbreaking situation occur to many of her friend’s dogs and even within her own family, Seattle based pet photographer Julie Clegg, of Bailey & Banjo Pet Photography, set out on a mission this year to raise awareness and funds for research to eradicate this disease.


Bailey & Banjo has worked tirelessly throughout 2011 by volunteering time and photography to various canine cancer related fundraising events. Every year Julie’s business participates in Smile for a Cure where the session fee is donated to the National Canine Cancer Foundation. Gabi, who was one of Bailey & Banjo’s clients says, “Seeing my dearly departed Cecilia so perfectly memorialized in your photos makes me feel like she is still by my side or better yet, up in heaven with my mom; chasing balls, fetching sticks and with the tail that wags her whole body! Thank you. You have a gift that provides memories to last a life time … I am eternally grateful!”

During other months, Julie volunteers her time at events such as Paws & Claus, and Mutt March where she met Cera Reusser, the founder for The Chase Away K9 Cancer Fund. Julie admires Cera’s passion and perseverance in raising money for the Chase Away Fund where 100% of the money raised is used to fund canine cancer studies.


This year, Julie has committed to more of a grass roots approach to raise awareness of canine cancer.  One approach has been to go out and meet new people and their dogs. She photographs and features one dog every day, and uses the time and connection to share information about canine cancer and how common it has become.  She calls this project ‘Dog-A-Day for Canine Cancer’ and is developing quite a following. Her plans are to self-publish a book and/or calendar at the end of the year to sell. A portion of those proceeds will be donated to the Chase Away K9 Cancer Fund.

Here is one of Julie’s most favorite images from her Dog-A-Day project. The big smile and clumps of snow stuck to the bottom of Kuba always make her laugh.

Julie, who is a Service Professional Member with HeartsSpeak, works with canine foster groups in the Puget Sound area. When new fosters arrive, she meets with them to photograph the dogs, and then features them as the dog-a-day dog to help speed up their adoption.

This foster is Bella, a pitty mix who is looking for her forever home became the Dog-A-Day dog for January 12th.

Bella Jan 12

Hunter is an available dog with Springer Rescue, who is being fostered locally here in Seattle.



Lily and Bode are a few of Bailey & Banjo’s favorite images. To see a fun compilation of all the images from January check out this video


If you’d like to help Bailey & Banjo spread the word and raise awareness of Canine Cancer, consider following her project and sharing the site and the story with your friends and family.

Dog-A-Day for Canine Cancer can be found at:



[dcs_head top=”0″ color=”#666666″] [/dcs_head] Julie Clegg is the award-winning photographer of Bailey & Banjo, and regularly contributes to CityDog Magazine. In addition, Julie’s efforts of raising money for canine cancer research led her to start another company called Lick. Slobber. Drool., a dog lifestyle company that sells products with a portion of the proceeds going back to canine cancer research.