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Pit Bull Faithfully Guards Fallen Companion

by Melanie

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7.23.14 - Dog Faithfully Guards Fallen Companion2


As Michael Mason left his Atlanta church, he noticed a very morose-looking dog standing in the street.  Below him, his friend, who may have been struck by a car.  The fallen dog did not make it, but her very faithful friend Herman has been rescued and is now in need of a home.

Mason snapped a photo of the lugubrious pup and his injured pal and shared it, asking for help.

“The look on his face. ‘Can someone help me?’ He was watching over him like a guard dog,” Mason said.

The photo made its way to The Walking Dead actress Kylie Szymanski, who shared it on her Facebook fan page.

“I never thought it would happen to me (going viral). I wasn’t thinking about it. I was thinking about the dog,” said Mason.

The guardian dog was taken in by Fulton County Animal Services and named Herman.  A veterinarian was unable to save his friend.  But now Herman needs a home where he can make happy new memories.

“We are grateful someone stopped and cared enough to take a picture and share it to demonstrate the power of a dog’s love. And this sweet animal didn’t leave his friend when she was injured,” said Cicley Gay with LifeLine Animal Project, who works with FCAS.

“They do feel that companionship and when somebody is gone, they miss them,” explained Kerry Moyers-Horton, a staff member with FCAS.

Local reporter Craig Lucie met Herman and learned that not only is the Staffy very kind and loyal, but also smart – he has already figured out how to open the back gates at the shelter!

Lucie says the staff believes based on his friendliness, Herman likely once belonged to a family.  He also asked Mason if he would consider adopting the dog, and he said he would if it was ok with the missus.

But if the Masons do not adopt Herman, he will be needing a home.  If you’re interested, please click here.