Pit Bull Protects Toddler Lost in Woods

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A Texas family is celebrating the return of their lost daughter – and the dog who protected her when she wandered away and became lost in a local forest.

Thursday afternoon, Zoey Smith was playing in the yard at her grandmother’s house in Van Zandt County, Texas. The young girl told investigators she wandered away while following the family dog, Brownie, as he chased a raccoon. As word of her disappearance spread, search teams assembled and dispersed in an effort to locate Zoey in the forest surrounding her grandmother’s home.

Just after 7 p.m., about a mile and a half away from where she was last seen, Zoey was found with Brownie by her side. After staying with Zoey for over six hours, the Smith family said Brownie was so protective of their daughter that at first, the dog would not even let the strangers trying to save her get too close.

Myfoxdfw.com spoke Zoey’s mother, Stephanie Smith, who expressed tremendous gratitude for the efforts of local rescue volunteers, and the devoted pet who kept their daughter safe until they could find her.

7 thoughts on “Pit Bull Protects Toddler Lost in Woods”

  1. I agree, its great to hear a positive story about a pitbull..but let’s turn our attention where it should be- why was a toddler outside alone ? Seriously? It’s one thing if she let herself out the house..toddlers are smart little people. But they plainly stated that she waa outside PLAYING unattended. *Smh*

    • I agree. They said she wandereed away when the dog was chasing a raccoon, how did they know that unless they saw the dog leave? Sound slike a case of poor supervision and the dog showed them how it was supposed to be done.
      Something doesn’t make sense.

  2. I agree with Bob, it’s how u raise them and if u raise them to b mean then they will be. I raise my like he’s a kid with lots of love and he is the biggest baby, but he’ll protect his owners like he should.

  3. why was the dog n child outside alone? No Fence to keep them both in and no adult to keep an eye on them?? Sounds like the parents need to be educated.


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