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Pit Bull Puppies Meet People Who Don’t Like Dogs

by Adrea

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fear of dogs

People with a fear of any animal usually have a foundation for it based upon things they have seen, heard, or experienced.  Often those fears, particularly when it comes to dogs, while perhaps based on something personal, can have a way of changing through a positive experience. Of dogs in general, Pit Bulls can be the leader of the pack, so to speak, when people indicate they have fears about specific breeds.  However, given the right circumstances, both concerns about dogs, not to mention Pit Bulls, can be assuaged significantly.  Something as simple as a friendly introduction in a safe environment can go a long way to make a huge and lasting difference in perception.

Take a look at these folks below, each self-described as having a fear of dogs, and listen to the change of both heart and mind when talking about Pit Bull puppies.