Pit Bull Saves Owner from Dog Attack

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 11.2.13 - Pit Bull Saves Woman from Attack

An Australian woman survived a brutal dog attack and said she would not be alive if it hadn’t been for her Staffordshire terrier mix, who risked his own life and stood between his human and her attacker.

Warrawong, New South Wales resident Debbie Patek was attacked when her neighbor’s bull terrier got loose and broke through her fence. She called to her pit bull mix Brian, and he rushed to her defense.

‘‘Brian’s a hero; he saved my life,’’ she said.

Due to shock, she struggles to remember everything that happened, but her husband is able to provide some details. He was on a different part of the property when he saw Brian suddenly sprint away.

‘‘[Brian] just bolted and I thought ‘what’s he running at?’ and, as I stepped backwards, I realized Debbie was on the ground screaming,’’ explained George Patek, who has hearing loss.

Two other dogs became involved in the fray as he and two other men rushed in to stop the mauling.

‘‘[The bull terrier] was about to clamp down on her throat and my dog ran up there, jammed his front leg right inside its mouth, then grabbed its bottom jaw and hung on,’’ he said. ‘‘Then the other two dogs ran in and started biting as well.’’

George said it took nearly 20 minutes before all of the dogs were restrained. Brian sustained some leg injuries, but is expected to fully recover.

‘‘It makes me feel inadequate as a husband because I couldn’t get there in time,’’ George said. ‘‘If Brian hadn’t got there, she’d be dead.’’

Police arrived and seized the attacking bull terrier. He will likely be declared dangerous.

‘‘Council has received complaints in the past regarding dogs at the Lee Street address where the dog was seized,’’ said a Wollongong City Council spokeswoman.

‘‘Dangerous dog’’ owners must abide by a number of restrictions, including rigid enclosure rules.

11 thoughts on “Pit Bull Saves Owner from Dog Attack”

  1. Ain’t it funny how the pit bull mix is the one who saved his owner from dying. Goes to show it all in how you raise a dog. It’s not the breed,it’s the person who owns them that can make a dog dangerous!

    • not really. all dogs were bred with a specific purpose. pitbull purpose was to fight, hence they are a danger to other dogs. saving its owner has nothing to do with their propensity to attack other dogs.

      • Pitbulls have been used to protect children for a very long time. They are intelligent, loyal, and very protective.

        You can raise ANY dog to fight and be vicious, I’ve got a rescued Lhasa Apso that I would not trust around a small child for five minutes – the same bad rap that now attaches to Pits once was used to describe Dobies and German Shepherds, both of which are intelligent loyal animals that tend to be very protective, but both have also been trained to be aggressive and mean.

        Raise a Pit with your kids and make sure your kids are taught how to treat animals and you couldn’t have a better guard for them.

        • I never once mentioned pitbull aggression towards children. Why did you take what I said and put it out of context?

          • Why dont you go research the history of pits and you will find they werent bred for fighting you twat…assuming due to what the media says just proves your ig
            norance and general stupidity towards any dog related issue, you know nothing.

    • I’m a proud, and responsible, pit owner. This is just another story that proves there are no bad dogs. Just bad owners. I’d rather face a stray pit in a dark alley than some sweet little granny’s chihuahua any day.

  2. Actually pit bulls were not bred to fight they were first bred to hunt wild cattle and hogs, to help drive livestock and as family companions. It wasn’t until some idiot that decided that their selective athleticism was good for fighting. It’s like with roosters. They weren’t originally “bred for fighting” but some idiot out there decided one day that it was a good idea… But you know… What do I know… Of course they are bred for fighting… Go on live your little pathetic uneducated life thinking that way.


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