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Pit Bulls Helping Kids Trust Again


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A daycare manager at a safe haven for homeless women and their children is doing her part to change perceptions of a much maligned breed.

pibble1 Kira Armbruster is the daycare manager at Fresno’s Evangel Home. Once a week, she brings her 3-year-old English Bulldog, Chubbs, to work her. Chubbs brings his friends to work with him, like Foxy, the 3-year-old pit bull who joined him for a visit this week. Roxy is currently homeless, but is acting as a breed ambassador by teaching children not to fear her, or dogs who look like her.

She explains, “To get kids used to being around big dogs and pit bulls and get them exposed to big dogs… not all the kids here have been exposed to big dogs…. to teach them that they’re big… but they’re safe… they’re okay… I don’t have to be afraid of them.”

Gerre Brenneman, Evangel Home Executive Director, says she believes these dogs are heaven sent.

“A lot of the kids here are scared of everything… I think you saw that today… Whenever there’s a dog that just lets them be… He invites them in. I’ve seen that with a lot of our kids… when Chubbs is here… and sometimes Roxy… it’s just like an invitation to trust,” she said.

For dogs and kids without homes, finding common ground on a California playground is the first step in building that trust.