Pit Bulls Rescued from NJ Fighting Ring Ready to be Adopted

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1.18.13 Dog Fight 1

Eight adorable pit bulls are now ready to find loving forever homes after they were saved from an Asbury Park, New Jersey dog-fighting ring.

The ring was busted by officials after they received a tip that a dog fight was taking place.  Operators and spectators fled the scene.  They left their injured dogs behind.

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SPCA Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Karen Terpstra said that in these kinds of cases, the dogs are seized and kept in protective custody until charges are filed and there are court proceedings.  While being held, the dogs were medically examined and given necessary treatments, and given food, shelter and plenty of exercise.

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“We are able to get a basic sense of the dog’s temperament by interacting with it daily, walking it, cleaning the kennel, etc.,” Terpstra explained.  “Once the dog is signed over to us, the dog will receive a behavior assessment like any other dog that is brought to us for adoption.”

Then it can be determined if the dogs are adoptable.

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“They [the eight dogs from the Asbury Park case] are young, ages six months to three years, and are friendly with humans and with other dogs.  We are working on their social skills and putting them in dog play groups so they can learn appropriate play,” she said.

Dogs seized from fighting rings can range in aggression.  Some can be aggressive with other dogs, with humans, or perhaps just need a bit of proper training and socialization.

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Adoption counselors are ready and waiting to hear from loving families who would like to give one of these dogs a second chance.

“Our goal is to make a good match between the personality and needs of the dog with the lifestyle and experience of the owner,” Terpstra said.  “We want to make sure that the energy levels and exercise and training needs will fit well with the human family.”

The SPCA holding on to these dogs is located at 260 Wall Street in Eatontown, NJ.

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