Police officers save dog when no one else would

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For hours a brown pit bull lay on a sidewalk while people walked by and ignored him, thinking he was dead. The pit bull had been hit by a car and no one stopped to help until three LAPD officers came along and saved his life.

On January 10th, police officers were headed to the police station when they spotted the dog crumpled up on the side of the road. The officers stopped and tried to give the dog water. That’s when residents informed the officers that the dog had been laying there for over five hours. The residents had assumed the dog had died after being hit by a car.

Police officers took the badly injured dog and placed him in their car. They then drove him to the vet where they were informed the dog had a badly broken leg and two fractured ribs, he needed emergency surgery. The vet also found that the dog had a microchip. The officers assumed his owners must be worried about him and so they went to the address listed on the dog’s microchip. The officers were surprised to find the owners didn’t care and didn’t want to have to deal with the dog’s vet bills. They told the officers to just “put him down.”

The officers could not bear to put the dog down though and were horrified saying, “Excuse me! Repeat that! No way! No how!”  They had the owner sign the dog over to them. The dog, named Philly after the officers’ sergeant, was now the officers’ dog. They quickly called the vet and told them to proceed with Philly’s medical care. Philly needed surgery on his leg immediately, it was badly broken.

Philly had surgery to repair his left front leg. The elbow was fractured and the vet implanted an artificial elbow. The vet also discovered foreign matter in Philly’s stomach that had to be surgically removed. The vet removed large plastic pieces and other materials from Philly’s stomach.

Philly’s veterinary bills are piling up, reaching over $7,500 already. Those wishing to help the officers pay for Philly’s care can make donations through their chipin fund. Philly’s progress can be followed on his Facebook page.

9 thoughts on “Police officers save dog when no one else would”

  1. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…saving Philly …. how can people be so unfeeling? If I see an animal lying at the side of a road, I try and stop to see if it is injured/hurt or no longer alive….you are good people!

  2. Take notice people. Not all cops shoot pit bulls. Thank you officers. Sounds like Philly will have a great life now.

  3. People in LA are the most heartless POS.. How in the hell can so many people walk by This poor dog and do nothing.. Im sure alot of them go to church on Sunday and praise the lord.. But couldn’t help one of GODs creature.. I hate people that has two faces..they need to pray for forgiveness of not having a heart or a soul..

    • Well said, I am not religious at all. Yet there are family members who are yet they are selfish mean spirited people. They put on a good public face and their friends are all bluffed for a while. Then they simply change churches and make new BEST friends. Somehow they think going to church means that’s all the good they need to do and if they do happen to do something good it is only if there are witnesses to see and praise them for their good christian attitude lol.

  4. Such a great story of the officers and Philly. My husband is also a police officer and also has a big heart for pitbulls and getting them off the streets when needed. We have 3! Well done LAPD officers!


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