Plumber Rescues Newborn Puppy From Drain Pipe

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WKRG News 5

emerson1Only minutes after being born a little puppy found himself in some trouble when he managed to go down a drain pipe. A plumber was able to rescue the little puppy from the drain uninjured.

The newborn puppy managed to find an opening about the size of a softball and went down a drainpipe. Someone close by kept hearing an echoing sound and then realized what had happened. That’s when Albert Emerson with Roto-Rooter got the unexpected call for help. “The whole time I’m thinking how am I going to get a dog out of a drain? Is the dog going to still be alive even,” said Emerson, who is used to removing things like grease and roots from pipes, not puppies.

Emerson was able to cut up the pipe and push the dog slowly to safety. The puppy was luckily uninjured. The puppy will be trained to be a service dog like all the other dogs at his facility. “This time the dog needed the humans help instead of the human needing the dogs help,” said Emerson. “I was glad to be there to help.” The puppy has been named Albert in Emerson’s honor.