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Twenty four hours of mis-adventure for Puddles


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Dog reunited with family after bizarre 24 hours

A shih tzu named Puddles from Socorro New Mexico has had quite the day and night, and so has his owner.  Yesterday Puddles went for a walk with Julie-Anna Blomquist’s mom, who is her owner, and several other dogs.  Somehow at the end of the walk when it came time to load up into the car, Puddles disappeared.   This is terrifying for a dog owner under the best of circumstances but to make matters worse, Puddles is a senior dog who has never spent a night out alone.

Blomquist immediately went home and put out word on Facebook, posting on her own page and on Socorro’s community page asking for help to find her poor older pooch.  “My mom has had that dog, her best friend, for so long and to not be there the first night in his entire life he wasn’t with her it was terrifying for her,” said her daughter.  Fortunately, someone had picked up Puddles and taken him to a shelter, but not before also posting a picture on Facebook to let his owner know where to find him.

Blomquist went straight to the city animal shelter to retrieve her dog, but when she arrived he was not there.  Evidently Puddles had been taken by someone while he was in an unlocked outdoor kennel.  “It was complete relief to complete horror all over again,” Blomquist said.  Once again the family put out pleas and posters and ads asking for help to find little Puddles.

Fortunately on Monday afternoon they got the call they were hoping for, someone had found Puddles safe and sound, though it is unknown if the people who called in were the same people who took him in the first place.  “It’s a very, very happy ending,” said Blomquist, but she added “They returned our dog and that was amazing and very amazing of them but someone else might not do that to the next dog,” Blomquist said.  Puddles owner is hoping that the shelter will install cameras or at least install locks to keep the lost dogs at the shelter safe from dog nappers.