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Police and Animal Lovers Rescue Dog Trapped in Car

by Katherine

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Yes, it is winter – and a cold one – up here in the Northern hemisphere, but our friends from the South are enjoying summer months right now. Nevertheless, leaving a dog inside a car is never a good idea, no matter what season it is.

In Chile, a small Maltese dog was left inside a hot car for more than 5 hours while its owner was busy Christmas shopping.

Animal lover holds dog saved from dying in hot car.
Animal lover holds dog saved from dying in hot car.


Hero police officer breaks car window to save puppy.
Hero police officer breaks car window to save puppy.

Around 11 a.m. on Dec. 12, 2013, the small dog was left inside the car with all windows rolled up. Locals noticed the stressed puppy inside the vehicle and started going inside the different shopping stores in the area looking for the owner, but the person was nowhere to be found.

In desperation, animal lovers contacted local police to rescue the dog. A heroic officer arrived with a hammer in hand, ready to free the innocent pet from its inferno.

It was obvious the dog was suffering from a heat stroke. The pet was panting and laid almost still on the car’s seat.

Police tried to locate the owner, but after a few failed attempts the officer broke the back window and pulled the dog to safety.

Dog suffering heat stroke inside car.
Dog suffering heat stroke inside car.

The dog’s owner, who was not identified, showed up at the scene five hours after leaving his pet in the car. The owner did not understand what happened but he was escorted to the local police station where he was questioned.

According to Chilevision News, the pet owner said there were long lines in the stores and that is why it took him so long to get back to his car and pet.

The Maltese was treated, given water and made a full recovery. Sadly, the pet was released back to his owner, after the owner was questioned by police.

We hope this irresponsible pet owner learns his lesson and never leaves his dog trapped inside the car again.

We would like to thank the police officer and the local animal lovers who came to the rescue of the dog. Because of you and your heroic actions, the pet is alive today.