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Small Wonder Dog Thrives on Two Legs

by Katherine

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What’s a two-legged Chiweenie to do when life deals it a challenging set of cards? Embrace life and live it happily!

Photo Credit: @twoleggedtrex/Instagram
Photo Credit: @twoleggedtrex/Instagram


Meet T-Rex, a small, tan Chihuahua and Dachshund mix who was born eight months ago with just two legs – his hind legs. However, even though he is a special needs dog, he has not let his disability deter his take on life.

T-Rex and his brothers. Photo Credit: @twoleggedtrex/Instagram
T-Rex and his brothers. Photo Credit: @twoleggedtrex/Instagram

T-Rex is a playful and happy puppy who was born with five other siblings. Three his fur brothers were also born with T-Rex’s same disability. Unfortunately, only one other special needs puppy survived.

Felix Weigman from San Antonio, Texas, adopted T-Rex in July and has completely fallen in love with the dog.

“[T-Rex} knows he is different but that does not stop him from running around and being just as hyper as any other Chiweenie,” said Weigman.

The two-legged dog is able to move at incredible speeds while on carpet, but walking on tile or hard wood floors is a bit more challenging. Still, the canine manages to hop around or walk slower when not on carpet.

T-Rex is expected to use a wheelchair that will help take off some stress from his hind legs and back, but for now the young dog enjoys using his back legs as much as he is allowed.

If you want to learn more about T-Rex, follow him on his Instagram account and be ready to have him steal your heart!