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Police and Animal Rescue Save Five Malnourished Dogs

by Katherine

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Five dogs living in deplorable condition in Copiah County, Miss., were rescued by Copiah County Sheriff’s Department and Madison Ark at the end of February.

One of the five dogs rescued from Copiah County, Miss.
One of the five dogs rescued from Copiah County, Miss.

The five rescued pets are now enjoying life in foster homes after a lifetime living chained up, locked in cages, with no access to food or water, and not knowing what real love felt like.

When rescuers arrived at the property, they found that all dogs were under weight, had diseases and suffered from dehydration.

Hart Koller, director of Madison Ark told News Channel 12 that mud holes were the animals’ only access to water.

“All [pets] have dire health issues, but they are so grateful to be getting help and love. Please help us help them and teach them that not all humans are awful,” posted Madison Ark on their Facebook page.

According to Harold Jones, Copiah County Sheriff, the property owner where the animals were found did not face animal cruelty charges. The decision to not charge him came after the individual cooperated with authorities and complied handing over all dogs.

The five canines that were saved from their life of abuse and neglect have bee name Larry, Curly Su, Moe, Dodge and Thor. Madison Ark is asking the community to consider making an online donation to help cover the pets’ medical expenses. The rescued pets will be available for adoption in a few weeks.