Police arrest man who abandoned three dogs inside animal carrier

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Photo Credit: Reno County Sheriff’s Office.

A Hutchinson, Kan., farmer found a dirty pet carrier tossed on the side of the road on May 16, 2103. In it were three pets waiting to be rescued. The farmer called the authorities to report the crime and officers were dispatched to the location.

“We don’t have animal control for the county,” said Captain Wayne Baughman with the Reno County Sheriff’s Department. “Many of the cities do, but we do not. Still, we see abandoned dogs from time to time and we are taking a stand.”

According to Baughman, the kennel was left with the door open and a water bowl was placed nearby. Leaving water for the dogs “doesn’t relieve you of your responsibility when you are a pet owner,” said the police captain.

It appears the animals had not been fending for themselves for more than a few hours when police officers rescued them south of 4th and Dean Road. This was very fortunate for the canines because the weather was expected to reach high temperatures that day.

The three animals were transported to a nearby shelter and the sheriff’s department urged the public to call with any information regarding this animal cruelty case.

On Sat. May 18, 2013, police arrested Aaron Niblack, 32, in connection to the case. Niblack was also charged with interfering with law enforcement.

Reno police continues to investigate this case and there are a few more leads in connection to the dogs’ abandonment. More arrests could be made soon.

The arrest was made possible thanks to tips from the community, now the dogs, Sam, Dean and Cass, are available for adoption.