Police Ask for Help in Second Dog Abuse Case

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Another dog has been found with its mouth taped shut, this time in Kaufman County. The body of a dog, a young female, thought to be a pit bull cross, was found dead, with her mouth taped shut. This is the second dog in the last month to have been subjected to this shocking level of cruelty and abuse.

Earlier this month, in Parker County, a pug cross was found with her tongue grotesquely swollen, and protruding from her mouth, and her muzzle taped shut, unable to eat, drink, or pant to stay cool. Miraculously she survived her ordeal, and was named Hope. Sadly the latest victim was not so lucky, and was already dead when she was found.

The police force and the local community are outraged and disgusted by the horrific abuse being inflicted upon these poor young dogs, who should have a life filled with joy, wonder, and excitement, rather than pain and torture. Pat Laney, of Kaufman County Sheriff’s Department said “It’s just a horrible crime.”

Between the case of Hope, and the unnamed female, there is a reward of $40,000 for the arrest an indictment of those responsible for these heinous crimes. The Texas SPCA issued a statement asking for help in identifying the perpetrators, and preventing this from happening to yet another dog. “There is a well-documented link between animal cruelty and human violence. Helping the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Department bring the person or people who did this to justice will help stop the cycle of abuse.”

If anyone has any information pertaining to this case, even if they feel it is insignificant, local law enforcement and the SPCA urge them to come forward and get in contact.

8 thoughts on “Police Ask for Help in Second Dog Abuse Case”

  1. Hi:

    It would be helpful, and the stories would be complete, if you could identify the state where a particular reported event occurred or a story was posted. A county name won’t necessarily be meaningful to a reader. Often that’s true with the name of a city or town as well. The more information that’s provided, the more readers can identify with a story. Thank you.

  2. Kaufman County is just southeast of Dallas, Texas, while Parker County is located straight west of Ft. Worth. Unbelievable what people will do to animals.

    • Right, Amy, incomprehensible..solution would be Jail Time, Obscene Fines, Publicity with name, photo and address, Lifetime Ban from owning ANY animal, including an Ant Farm, Removal of any children in the house, AND pubic scorn for any woman who would be with one of these people…are you listening Michael Vick? THIS would reduce these instances. Fines would go to enforcement, rewards, and rehabilation (animal, not offender)

  3. Amy, I am the person who posted…’Right, Amy, incomprehensible..’ I did not realize, until now, the process for posting..I would always choose to identify my name with my comments..there are NO abusers that I fear..


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