Police dog fills out witness statement

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When England’s Crown Prosecution Services mistakenly requested a witness statement from an officer they didn’t realize was a police dog the other officers decided to have a little fun and filled out a witness statement for the dog.

CPS requested a witness statement from “PC Peach”. What they didn’t realize is that Peach was actually PD Peach, a police dog that had been at the scene. Officers at West Midland Police station wrote back to explain that Peach was a dog, but it was of no use. So the officers decided to have some fun with it and completed a witness statement for Peach and put it on the wall at the station for the amusement of the other officers.

The statement read, “I Chase Him. I Bite Him. Bad Man. He Tasty. Good Boy. Good Boy Peach.” It is signed with a paw print. The officers got into some trouble though when one officer decided to share a photo of the statement on social media.

CPS failed to see the humor and the matter is being investigated by the Professional Standards Department.  “It’s a difficult time for police and sometimes humor is a way of venting frustrations,” said Ian Edwards, chairman of the West Midlands branch of the Police Federation. “I would urge our Professional Standards Department to be even-handed in the way they deal with it.”

11 thoughts on “Police dog fills out witness statement”

  1. Give me a break, they were having some fun. Quit being so uptight CPS. LIGHTEN UP! Don’t you have more important things to spend our tax money on! GEEZUS!!!

  2. I think they’re embarrassed because now people see how stupid they were and are taking it out on the officers.

  3. Well maybe CPS should be investigated for not realizing the first time they requested a witness statement from a police dog. The officers did try to warn them.

  4. lol what were the officers supposed to do? Tell Peach “Now Peach, when you get the bad guy, do us a favor and only give him a little ‘nip’….seriously?!!! lmfao I find it absolutely hilarious that you think a dog knows the difference between a bite and a nip.

  5. VERY FUNNY and puts the Crown Prosecution Service in it’s place – I’ve NO SYMPATHY at ALL for them especially when they were told that PC Peach was a dog…!!!


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