Police Dog Reads Suspect’s Intentions and Saves His Partner

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We all know police dog are amazing. Not only are these canines trained to perfection, but the four-legged officers are so willing to risk their lives to protect our safety and the safety of their partners. On January 8, 2016, a video of a police dog doing just that was posted on Facebook and the dog’s heroic actions have gone viral.

Photo credit: Facebook
Photo credit: Facebook

The video, captured by a police car’s dash camera, shows when a police officer makes a traffic stop and asks the driver to step out of the vehicle. The officer approaches the suspect with his K-9 partner, but after determining the suspect does not represent any danger, he orders his K-9 partner to stand down, while he approaches the man alone.

However, the four-legged officer knows the driver is up to no good, and as soon as his human partner starts approaching the man, the dog barks notifying the officer something is wrong.

The police man keeps telling his partner to stand down and the driver even taunts the dog as if saying “I’m not going to do anything,” but out of a sudden the driver tries to subdue the officer. In that same instant, the dog jumps, bites the man and puts an end to the driver’s malicious intentions.

Let this video show all criminals that you don’t mess with police dogs!

Watch How Fast This Police Dog Goes into Attack Mode When the Suspect Makes a Move

Posted by Sure News on Friday, January 8, 2016

86 thoughts on “Police Dog Reads Suspect’s Intentions and Saves His Partner”

    • I know they say that most street criminals aren’t very smart, but REALLY? How moronic do you need to be to think you’re gonna escape a police pat-down with a BARKING/WARNING within 30 feet? If being stupid was a crime, this guy would do life. What a Doofus!

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  1. i think ever police officers should have a K9 dog.
    take him home an give him a rib i stake he well earn it…

  2. This is a training video. They set it up to make it as realistic for the dog as possible. I used to work with this handler’s trainer.

  3. If the police go to such lengths to train their dogs to perfection, then why are the human officers NOT listening to the dog?

  4. Yeah….learn your A,B,G’s only Americus
    Comments here…..gee z I get tired of being a yahoo cop.


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