Police Dog Suffers Serious Injury After Being Thrown Out A Window

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A California police dog named Jaris is recovering after he was thrown out of a second-story window by a parolee.

Police arrived at the Fontana, California home of parolee Bryan Bills on Sunday to take him into custody. A woman who answered the door said Bills was not home, but then an officer spotted Bills trying to climb out of an upstairs window. Bills refused to obey and surrender to officers so Jaris, a 6-year-old Belgian Malinois, was sent into a room where Bills was hiding.

When Jaris entered the room he lunged toward Bills who used the dog’s momentum to throw him out the window. “Jaris was not able to stop himself and fell to the concrete below,” said police.  When Jaris got up after his fall he was bleeding from his nose and staggering.

Officers rushed Jaris to an emergency veterinarian.  He had a large gash on his head and underwent testing for brain damage. His diagnosis was looking good, but on Tuesday officers noticed more swelling on his nose and bulge on his forehead. “As much as we thought he was out of the woods, he’s not,” said police Sgt. Tom Yarrington. Jaris will be returning to the veterinarian on Wednesday for further examination.

Even after Jaris was rushed away from Bills’ home, he continued to resist officers. He was eventually detained and arrested on suspicion of injuring a police dog as well as several other charges.

6 thoughts on “Police Dog Suffers Serious Injury After Being Thrown Out A Window”

  1. Good thing I wasn’t there or that individual would be flying out the window on his head too as for sending the dog in I don’t see fault in the Police officers actions. The dog loves doing what he does and you can tell the officer loves the dog and no one would have thought the idiot would throw the dog out. Good thing the dog is going to be ok.

  2. Unfortunately it is too early to know if the dog will be ok.
    My thoughts go out to the k9 officer….even though you know this is what you and your dog are trained for it always cuts deeply when your partner gets hurt and you still feel the guilt of having sent him into danger.

  3. Attempted murder to an officer. Police dogs are considered officers, are they not? The parolee should suffer the same fate, out the window on his head. If he survives, shoot him.

  4. Yes, everybody loves dogs – I love dogs. But, lets not fool ourselves into thinking they are people, or have the same rights and privileges as people. After all, there is a reason the police use dogs, and send them into dangerous situations before sending people. It would be better to lose five dogs than to lose one person.


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