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Police Dogs Strut Their Stuff in Field Trials Competition


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police dog field trials

Some of the best police dogs from Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and Florida gathered in Ponchatoula, LA to compete in the United States Police Canine Association Region 10 Field Trials.

“I love watching this,” Ponchatoula Police Chief Bry Layrisson said. “I’m a former canine handler, so I have a passion for the dogs and what we do with them in law enforcement, and it’s just really fun to watch them work.”

Judges look for a full mouthed bite and perfect obedience to the handler’s commands. Dogs are required to apprehend a suspect, guard it during frisking, and apprehend a second time if suspects make an attempt at escape.

“They’re tremendous in the fight against drugs,” Layrisson said. “They’re very good in apprehending violent offenders. They’re great for officer safety. They’re just a key tool in modern day law enforcement.”

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