Police helping with vet costs after dog shooting

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On April 3rd Police were responding to a “shots-fired” call when they shot at a pit bull that got out of the house and came running toward them.  Now the police department has offered to pay $2100 of the $4500 vet bill for the family who owns the dog.

When officers approached the home, the dog was barking loudly so the owner put him in a back room so she could speak to police, but failed to secure the door.  When she opened the front door the dog managed to escape and ran toward the officers prompting them to shoot.  Muncie police Chief Steve Stewart said that officer Ryan Yeager “fired several shots at the dog as he’s charging at the officer,” striking it several times.

Fortunately the dog survived but required emergency surgery and even though Stewart says the officers did what they had to do to protect themselves they have offered to help pay the medical expenses incurred by the family.  “I think this is the right thing to do for this family and this dog,” Stewart said. “Our officers were there in good faith responding to this shots-fired call. They did what they had to do to protect themselves.”

The money will come from a fund that the Muncie Police Department has in place to help cover the cost associated with destruction of property during an investigation by a responding officer.   For example, “We might respond to a call of check on the welfare of someone when, for example, the officer may look in and see a person that looks like they’re on the floor unconscious, so we’ll break the door in,” Stewart said. “So we have the money to replace that door.”

Apparently the owners of the dog were understanding of the police actions and grateful for the assistance they will receive in paying the bill.   The police decided to offer the money because  “Most of us are animal lovers, and that was a family pet,” Stewart said. “It’s unfortunate that things transpired that evening the way they did.”

4 thoughts on “Police helping with vet costs after dog shooting”

  1. I am a 130 women that has stopped many dog attacks in my time working and volunteering with animals. Train these people who are supposed to “protect” how to properly deal with animals that are rushing them!!

    • Lacy, I do not think it would have mattered if they were trained to handle an attacking dog or not. If you read it all, you see that these officers were responding to a shots fired call. If I were in their shoes, I would not want to be messing with the dog when there was a possibility that someone could come running out with a gun and shoot them instead. They are putting their lives on the line every single day to keep you and I safe, and I understand their actions and think it is wonderful that they are helping with the vet bill. So as for your comment about how they are “supposed to protect”, I think that is EXACTLY what they were doing. Not only themselves, but the people they were there to check on. Maybe the people who own the dog should have taught it not to attack people? Just a thought.

      • Where does it say the dog “attacked”, I read that it ran towards them- just like mine would do- for some loving in their case- but none the less, would still run towards anyone at my home.

  2. Lori I agree with in a way but what happened to stun guns? This type of situation is what they are for-I think when The DOG got up he would have run the other way.


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