Neglected dog finally runs away to his own rescue

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Emerson tried to break free from his life of neglect and abuse several times, ending up in a shelter each time only to be picked up by his owners and returned to his life of misery.  Finally they decided to leave him there, but the timing was bad. It was Christmas and no one was looking to adopt a homeless pup in need of much costly medical care.

Since he was sick he was placed in an area of the shelter where he was even less likely to be seen by potential families making his chances of survival even lower.  Emerson was malnourished, dirty, and matted to the point that one of his legs had become so infected it had to eventually be removed.  He had only a few teeth left, he shook with fear, and his eyes showed the suffering and sadness he had lived with.  He must have been in almost unendurable pain, yet he did not give up.  Fortunately for him, when he was on the shortlist for euthanasia, along came his fairy godmother.

Annie Hart looked into Emerson’s eyes and knew she had to save him.  She is with the Bill Foundation, a Los Angeles based dog rescue dedicated to saving dogs from dire situations and placing them in forever homes.  The first step was to bathe him and trim his mangy fur, and to handle him with gentle hands to help convey the notion that he was finally safe.

After his leg was amputated and he was no longer in constant pain his true personality began to show itself.  He is affectionate, protective, and playful. He now has a forever home with his animal loving mom Michaela,  who said “I just knew that was my dog” when she saw him.  He gets along well with his new brothers and sisters living on her 5 acre retreat and is finally having the life that every dog deserves and many will never get.

7 thoughts on “Neglected dog finally runs away to his own rescue”

  1. Thank God, literally, for the gentle, loving and accepting hearts of Annie and Michaela. I can’t imagine this precious dog having to endure the terrible living conditions he had to endure while running away, and being brought back. I am so thankful that Annie made sure he received the necessary medical care he needed, and to Michaela for adopting him. I pray he will forget the sad, lonely, painful times…..and enjoy the wonderful life that he is blessed with now. Thank God for his angels here on earth.

  2. It is so nice to hear that Emerson has a forever home now….To the people who adopted him….I am thankful for people like you in this world. I hope Emersons heart can empty all those cruel memories and fill it up with hopeful,happy and safe ones.Thank you God for Annie and Michaela and Thank you Annie and Michaela…..for saving Emerson!

  3. His original owners are heartless pieces of sh…. They should never have had a pet in ther first place, the dog trusted and loved them and kept returning nd thay too did not soften their hearts of stone

  4. So much pain and neglect for such a tiny creature. I dont understand why the dog was returned to the owners and why they were not prosecuted for animal cruelty. But then I will never understand how we as a society can overlook such abuse and suffering. I do think there is a special circle of Hell for those who do such evil and may they find it sooner rather than

    Bless Emerson and all the Emersons out there who have yet to be free!

  5. My dog is a shelter dog… We couldn’t have gotten a better one. He is so happy! I am really glad for Emerson…. U go Emerson!


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