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Police in Ft. Worth Rescue Stray Dog from Highway

by Fred

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A couple of police officers from Fort Worth, Texas are heroes today after rescuing a stray dog off of a highway and out of danger.  Officers Allen Speed and Paul Garcia noticed the dog running alongside traffic on the busy street.

The police set up a quick road block, and the dog was corralled by Speed and Garcia.  When the two officers get the dog to safety, you can hear the beeping and cheering from the dash cam.  Everyone was happy to see the dog rescued safely, and that traffic could flow again.

In the video, which was taken from the dash camera installed in the police car, you can see the officers rescue the dog, and the relieved motorists cheering them on to victory.  The video was uploaded to by the Fort Worth Police Department.

Way to go officers.  Now here are two police officers that understand “to protect and serve” covers EVERYBODY.  Dogs included.

2.5.15 - cops rescue dog highway