Potty Training with Keiko the Shiba Inu

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Who knew that potty training was so much work? ┬áKeiko has put a lot of time and effort into potty training today. ┬áThis little fluff-nugget tried so hard, she’s completely worn herself out!

57 thoughts on “Potty Training with Keiko the Shiba Inu”

  1. The video will not load… however I must say that I wouldn’t think that I could train a puppy to do business ‘on my time’ at this age, and its more ‘their time’ as to when they want/need to go. Can’t program it. So, at this age, if pup is falling asleep, let it sleep or put it in its crate…. let it sleep. it’s a wee baby.

  2. The puppy is sooooo cute but can you please get him a lighter leash. That one is a little heavy for that puppy. Sorry, just saying.


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