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Police in South Philadelphia Are Investigating Possible Dog Fighting

by Fred

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Law enforcement officials in South Philadelphia are in the process of investigating a suspected dog fighting organization.  Around 11pm Monday, a call to the police by a neighbor informed them that there was suspicious activity on the property next door.  The neighbor was sure it had something to do with dog fighting.

When officers arrived, they were shocked to see more than a dozen pit bulls, including eight puppies.  George Bengal with the SPCA was horrified at the deplorable living conditions the dogs were forced into.

“Some were chained to radiators on short, heavy chains,” said Bengal.  “These dogs couldn’t get away, so they were constantly whacking their tails into the walls, into the radiator and that was causing a lot of the blood splatter that we saw.”

Along with the dogs, police found more evidence that points to this having been a raid on a dog fighting ring.  Several different pieces of training equipment were also taken from the home.  These included things like makeshift treadmills, and collapsible and portable fighting rings.

The dogs have been removed to safety.  Police are aware of who owns the homes.  After several attempts to contact this person, they still have yet to receive a response.  The SPCA has taken the dogs into their facility for medical care and rehabilitation if possible.