Slurpee: From Injured Stray to Loving Home

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A injured stray pit bull mix whose life was in danger due to infected wounds was rescued, got help and now is happy in a loving home.

With deep, infected wounds on his legs and body, Slurpee’s future was looking grim. The young pit bull mix had likely been hit by a car.

Left on his own, in pain and with a worsening infection, his chances of surviving were slim.

A concerned citizen found him wandering the streets and brought him to the Michigan Humane Society, where his future began to brighten.

He was given food, water, a clean blanket and antibiotics to fight the infected wounds. His wounds were so bad that he required extensive surgery to graft his own skin over the open sores to help them heal.

Through it all, Slurpee had a smile on his face, and an always wagging tail. He was grateful for the care of the MHS veterinarians, staff and the foster caregiver who took him into her home.

After extensive medical care, Slurpee was finally healthy and pain free. He was finally ready to find his forever home – and he found the perfect family with a young couple and dog and cat siblings.

Slurpee’s story has the perfect happy ending. He went home to begin his new life this past weekend.

Watch Slurpee’s story and see him frolicking with his new doggie brother in the video below: